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Painter  Curator

Koptekst 1


(born Ghent, Belgium, 1968)

Studied Business Communication at USC, Los Angeles, USA


Tom has been working on an extensive paintings cycle using the following themes:


  • Listen To Your Eyes – the outer seen

  • Colors Of My Soul – the inner seen

  • Present Of Our Future – the already seen


Listen To Your Eyes

Listen To Your Eyes is a framework of reflection and an analysis of the representation of the eye: the outer seen

The paintings reflect on the differences between looking and seeing

The eyes don't speak, yet, in human communication, they can say everything


Colors Of My Soul

We absorb information yet we share emotions: the inner seen

The soul is the organism of the senses

The eye doesn't see itself as another

Lighting up an inner light: the thought of an own identity


Present Of Our Future:

Conscious and unconscious, the 2 parts of the human being, rarely meet

The abstract & virtual review of life: the already seen


Tom has worked on the preparation and the paintings themselves at several locations: Istanbul, Lisbon, Mauritius, Cape town, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Barcelona, Venice, Paris , The Hague, Copenhagen, Ghent Knokke, Brussels, St. Martens-Latem ..

The paintings cycle are exhibited in those worldwide selected locations.


As a tribute to his father GRABA', also a painter, Tom organized a retrospective in December 2017, at 'The Casino' in Knokke, Belgium, with a selection of his art works on the theme 'Men in the Mirror', to illustrate and reinforce the historical bonds as well as the differences between them. All in all, a unique and enlightening exhibition.

Painted on molden wooden panels, applying many layers of ink and wash technique, based on the GLACIS technique, giving the work a unique luminosity, depth and transparency.


Listen To Your Eyes: 120X150

Colors Of My Soul: 114X121

Present Of Our Future: 120X150 / 114X121

Listen To Your Eyes
Colors Of Our Soul
Present Of Our Future

The eye sees light,
but it is by its own light that it knows what it looks at

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