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Tom De Graeve

'An Artist called Tom'

Tom De Graeve, 'An artist called Tom' is a freelance Creative director, Designer and Art director.

30+ years of experience have allowed him to hone his distinctive style across a wide range of media.

From conceptual and strategic branding and development, to design and art direction; from events and marketing, to web and graphic design; from photography to film - whether it’s traditional or digital, for print or for the screen, Tom devours all things creative. After earning his masters degree at the Marshall School of Business USC in Los Angeles, Tom immediately began designing for top agencies and International and local brands.

Past and current clients include, ACT lighting design, Multi Development Corporation, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Nescafé, ZOM USA, Extensa, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, Diageo, Caterpillar, MTV, HBO, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, Ydreams, Constance Group, etc ..


Moving to Turkey in 2009, Tom established AIR, a freelance design and branding agency offering bespoke creative services to a broad range of international clients. Tom is the creative director and project manager for all work undertaken by the company.


Alongside his commercial work, Tom continues to pursue numerous personal projects, including Real estate branding, projection, film, photography, interactivity, digital communication, music and installation art. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, garnering many recognitions and awards. Eager to explore new and interesting avenues of design and communication, Tom continues to embark on new self-initiated projects and collaborations.


➤  Owner / CEO at LOF Design

1992 - Present


LOF, Language Of Forms, 'A way of thinking, A way of living".

Our specialties are in Branding, Advertising and Digital.

LOF DESIGN is a full-service Boutique agency that originated from a background in real estate branding and visual identity. We are constantly focused on a brand, its purpose and meaning in the market. Our work is built on innovation and engaging storytelling. Whatever the objective, we are guided by principles: Find the essence, make an emotional connection to the audience, and make it great.


➤  Creative Director / Consultant at Multi Corporation bv

2001 - 2014


Multi is a leading owner, manager and (re)developer of high quality shopping centres across Europe and Turkey.

As a well-capitalised, growth-oriented, pan-European retail platform Multi is focussed on creating, managing and improving sustainable rental income. Multi currently owns or manages 60 shopping centres, which welcome more than 350 million visitors per year, spending an estimated 4 billion euros annually in more than 5,200 stores, restaurants and attractions. Multi has over 500 employees across its mall management, asset management, development and support businesses, and is active in 12 European countries, including Turkey where it is the largest owner and manager of shopping centres. Multi uses its design group, T+T Design, for all urban development and architectural concepts. Since its foundationn in 1982, Multi’s projects, which regularly act as the engine for revitalizing a city or region, have been internationally recognised for their innovative nature, architectural quality, sustainability and profound sensitivity to local environments.

➤  Creative Director / Curator at ACT lighting design

2007 - Present


ACT lighting design is a Belgian design service company, based in Brussels, Antwerp and Paris.

ACT's design services cover: Lighting Design for the Entertainment Industry & Architectural Lighting Design Lighting Design service for Architectural Projects where the key element is originality, visual impact, strong statements and integration into the existing architecture. For the Retail-Entertainment-Themed market we offer solutions to get that “theatrical atmosphere” or “show-element” into an affordable and long-lasting experience. Theatrical Performances, Special Events, Outdoor spectaculars, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Product-launches, Conferences, Industrials, Multi-Media Presentations, Trade Shows & Exhibitions.

Recent Projects: - Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010 - "Le Rêve" at Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas - I Love EU, inauguration Belgian Presidency - K Kortrijk commercial centre - Center Parcs Moselle - STAM museum Ghent - Sainte Marie Cathedral Brussels - Lighting Master Plan La Défence Paris.


Specialties: Architectural Lighting Design for retail experiences - Lighting Design for outdoor spectaculars.


➤  Curator Middle East Countries at OVO

2011 - Present


The purpose of the installation OVO is to offer an art object, global and multi-sensory in scope, to which a dimension of a luminous event is added, provided by the plays of light and the visual and acoustic animations. The visitor is invited to walk on the water to reach the interior, as if to vanish into a metaphysical mist. The watery surface reflects the egg-like structure, the lighting, and also the silhouettes of the visitors which bring the surface to life by their passage. Seen from inside the sense of intensity, of being drawn towards the sky, underlines the dynamism conveyed by the forms of the structure.


➤  Founding Partner / CEO / Creative Director at AIR COLLECTIV

2012 - Present





What makes us rare is the synergy of our talents - we don’t just make things look beautiful, we make things work, feel and act beautifully too. Passionated about our disciplines and enjoying out-of-the-box challenging projects, we are eager to push ourselves towards the edges of our art and to extend the limits of our creative expression by producing innovative and contemporary solutions of highly poetical value, which guide people through the messages that we carry on and enhance the quality of their experience.

Our multi-disciplinary team led by creative fusion of its founding partners brings an added value by combining its distinctive expertise and talents along with its creativity, perfectionism, technical know-how, respect of budgets and sustainable approach to deliver made to measure projects in order to amaze their audience all over the world.

➤  Founder of the 'WENOTME Foundation'

2018 - Present

'As one person I can not change the world, But I can change the world of one person'

Losing his first wife Sophie, pregnant of their unborn child, Tom restored the leukemia department at the UZ Ghent and

decided to found the 'WENOTME-foundation'

Helping an NGO in Yemen, babies and children died in TOMs arms.

There is nothing worse being incapable seeing and experiencing these INHUMAN CRUELTIES !


When Tom and Inge re-met at a charity foundation, Inge immediately agreed co-founding this beautiful cause, the 'WENOTME-foundation'

'This is one of the goals: starting up this foundation to give war childs a safe nest, love, affection and a  proper education'




Work in progress ..

An Artist called Tom
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